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Non-Surgical Treatments

At The Dental Specialists we aim to achieve periodontal health in the least invasive manner, and can be achieved through non-surgical periodontal treatment. If the disease is at its beginning stage we can control it with the non-surgical treatment. The stage of the disease can only be determined in the initial consultation and check up.

The non-surgical periodontal treatment at The Dental Specialists office includes scaling, cleaning, smoothening of the root surfaces in order to remove the plaque and calculus (tartar) from the deep periodontal pockets. Once the root is free from the bacterial toxins, the treatment is followed by adjunctive therapy. Post treatment, generally many of the patients require ongoing maintenance therapy in order to retain good oral health for a longer period.

In general the non-surgical treatment has some limitations also associated with it. Therefore, the success rate can't be guaranteed in this case.

If the periodontal health can't be achieved through non-surgical treatment, then the patient is recommended to undergo a minor surgery to reinstate the periodontal health damaged by the gum diseases. The procedure to be used for the periodontal disease can only be decided after the initial check up of the patient. Depending upon the stage of the disease the treatment options are made to the patients.

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