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We aim to help all our patients receive the best dental services from our multi-specialty dental team by combining health and function.

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We aim to achieve a different kind of dental experience-one that is the culmination of vision, passion, and experience of world-renowned dentists at TDS. The Dental Specialists aim to provide top-notch dental solutions to patients of all ages. We offer high-quality treatments along with personalised comprehensive care in a warm, patient-friendly, calm, and comfortable environment to meet all the oral health needs of our patients.

Are you are searching for a one-stop-shop of dental health for yourself and your family? We have all the treatments expected from a general dentist in addition to emergency dental care on same-day dental visits and oral sedation options so you can relax know you are in good hands. For new patients who want to put confidence back in your smile, you can start with a dental examination, request for dental X-rays, and receive your regular cleaning, and we’ll further look after the needs of your smile!

We are your top-rated local dentistry in practice. As a partner of your oral health, we are committed to providing lifetime dental practices by keeping up-to-date with advanced dental research and recommending only treatment suited for your dental health and overall well-being. The exceptional, high standards of patient care by us are not limited to our clinic.

We also give home dental care advice to keep the teeth and gums healthy every day. Once you experience our straightforward and modern approach, you’ll never feel right at home!

Come see and feel the difference for yourself. Whether it’s about creating a perfect smile, reconstructing the entire mouth, or simple help to maintain total wellness, you can achieve optimal results with TDS.

What Makes us Different From Other Dental Clinics?

It’s simple. Patients love being here. Together, our team of dental experts, dental hygienists, dental assistants, and front desk staff builds trust and satisfaction in our patients through our core values such as simplicity in our operations, integrity in our actions, and management of our resources. We are unique because of:

  • Convenience: Patients can easily get their visit scheduled with our dental professionals and undergo their dental work without any long waits. We also make it convenient for busy professionals.
  • High Comfort: Our dentists work with gentle hands and provide a neighborly experience. We use safe and effective procedures to offer pain-free and relaxing treatment throughout.
  • Dedication to Safety and Cleanliness: Feel safe, you’re in good hands. Be at ease with medical-grade sterilization protocols, built-in air purification systems, clean patient rooms, up-to-date dental technologies, and modern equipment.
  • Best Quality in Products, Materials, and Services: We provide the best of our services to make our patients stress-free and make their visits enjoyable. High-quality dental materials make all the difference in the patient’s smile. You can count on dental restorations with life-like beauty by the best master ceramists. In addition, we have the latest equipment to make dental treatments better and easier than ever.
  • Transparency- The dental care provided by us is honest. Moreover, we provide you with all information regarding the treatment plan including stating crystal clear pricing of our dental services.
  • Every Smile Is Welcome– Oral health is important for every individual. Patients belonging to any age group or with any history of dental health can get their dental care needs fulfilled at our clinic.
  • Incredible Payment Options– We are in-network with most major insurance providers and are ready to work them out for you to maximize your benefits. If uninsured, we have in-house membership plans and flexible financing options.

Our Services:



Loss of natural adult teeth either as a part of old age or accidental injury can be embarrassing as it may affect the person’s outlook on life. Missing teeth not only affect the aesthetics of the smile but also overall general health. With our prosthodontic procedures performed by prosthodontists, patients can get their missing teeth or teeth replaced temporarily or for a lifetime. The options that help patients regain their smile include dental crowns, dental bridges, partial or full dentures, and dental implants. For cosmetic purposes, the prosthetics used are dental inlays and veneers.

Oral Surgery

We have a dedicated team of certified Oral Surgeons that provide superior caliber surgical care for patients who require bone grafts, dental implants, and restorative surgeries for trauma or injury to the bones, teeth, and tissues of the mouth. These surgeons use advanced surgical techniques to make sure that every patient has the best possible outcome from the surgery.

Oral Surgery About


Our periodontics dentistry focuses on the diagnosis, prevention, treatment, or surgeries for problems occurring in the structures of the oral cavities that support the teeth (i.e. mainly the gums). We have periodontists who are well-trained specialists in examining the gums for infection, in checking any gum line recession, in assessing fitting teeth together while biting, and in looking for loose teeth. They offer treatments for periodontal diseases like flap surgeries, scaling, and root planning (deep cleaning).


If you have intense pain in the tooth or are at risk of losing a severely decayed or damaged tooth, the right endodontist can take the best care of you. At the TDS clinic, we have root canal specialists/endodontists who hold years of expertise and experience in saving your teeth for a lifetime. Root canal treatment is a medical procedure to remove the infected/damaged tooth pulp, disinfect the entire root canal, and use filling material to reshape the tooth and seal it permanently. For the patient’s teeth to be treated as thoroughly and precisely as possible, we use special tools to visualize the interior and exterior of the tooth.


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