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Searching for the best dental clinic in Westmont?

Visit TDS The Dental Specialist Westmont IL, the dental clinic is a fully-equipped dental office located in a convenient location – 6319 S. Fairview, Ave Ste 103 Westmont, IL 60559.

Many patients reach us from even far-off places because of our easy accessibility, award-winning team of dentists, and range of premium-quality dental services offered at affordable rates.

We provide treatments starting with a thorough check-up of the inside of the mouth along with the complete analysis of the dental concern the patient is experiencing to bring the best-personalized solution and care by focussing on the elimination of the root cause of any dental issue. The specialists and general dentists at TDS adopt a new-age approach to dentistry with the most modern dental equipment that is coupled with the latest sterilization facilities and dental laboratories. They follow the global standard to provide instant relief and the most satisfactory results from dental services.

We offer comprehensive dental care for the entire family. Dental treatments are painlessly performed by professionals in a handy capped-friendly environment keeping in mind the patient’s comfort. Our dentists also perform dental emergency procedures, may it be a maxillofacial or dental trauma, multiple tooth extractions, or root canal of more than one tooth.

Treat Yourself with Dental Care Services Offered by Us in Westmont

Prosthetic/Restorative: Our prosthodontists are trained in designing, manufacturing, and placing dental prosthetics. We provide you with dental crowns (fake teeth), dental bridges (to fill small gaps in a smile), and dentures (fixed or removable for replacement of complete teeth arch). All these artificial tooth replacements are ideal in functionality and aesthetics.

Endodontic: Our endodontists or root canal specialists are committed to providing painless root canal treatment and help shatter the myths and fear among patients seeking this therapy. Root canal treatment helps save their natural adult tooth which had got seriously infected.

Periodontics: Our periodontists are specialists in diagnosing and treating periodontal disease (severe gum infections). Some of the most common periodontal treatments we offer include professional teeth cleaning, scaling and root planing, bone grafting, pocket reduction surgery, and laser gum surgery.   
Oral Surgeries: We have an on-board implantologist who holds a lot of experience in performing surgical placement of dental implants. There are also other surgeries performed by our certified oral surgeons such as cosmetic surgeries, bone grafting, and tooth extractions.

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6319 S. Fairview Avenue,
Suite 103 Westmont,
IL 60559


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