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Safety Of Patients During COVID-19 At Our Dental In Our Clinic

As the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way how patients access health care, dental care is an essential part of health care and is not an exception. The field of dentistry involves close contact between the patient and the dentist, and the risk of spreading coronavirus infection mainly via respiratory droplets is very high. Hence, all the segments of dentistry are strictly asked to reconsider their infection control practices and products.

At TDS, we have always been committed to the highest safety standards, but now more than ever we take extra protective steps to safeguard the patients as well as the staff during the pandemic. In this unprecedented time, our top priority is to ensure that all the patients, families, staff, and community are safe and healthy.

Safety And Hygiene

Our dental team is closely monitored for the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. They are following all the safety guidelines recommended by CDC and ADA including wearing personal protective equipment. In the office premises, face masks are being worn at all times for their protection as well as the safety of others. There are hand sanitizing stations conveniently placed around the clinic for easy access. In the treatment rooms, the dental chairs, dental equipment, and all surfaces are cleaned properly and sanitized between every patient. There is also hourly cleaning of the surfaces in the common area and waiting room of our office.

In addition, we have been practicing a long standard protocol for our dental care team to wear protective gear including surgical masks, gloves, and goggles, and even practice basic hygiene.

Social Distancing

We expect our patients to book online appointments or book an on-call visit before arriving at our office and show up on time, not early to avoid crowding the waiting room and the office. We ensure that everyone adheres to social distancing within the clinic, however, we encourage patients to stay out until their turn comes. Moreover, family and friends that come along with the patients are asked to stay out of the clinic unless the patients need assistance. The chairs in the waiting room are also placed apart.

Screening For COVID-19 Symptoms

On a daily basis, our staff as well as anyone who enters the dental office is checked for their temperature. The patients who are experiencing any symptoms related to coronavirus infection or fear that they may have been exposed should reschedule their appointment with us to another date.

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