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Myths And Facts About Wisdom Tooth Removal

Myths And Facts About Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom teeth are the last set of molars located at the corners of the mouth. They appear later in life, when people are in their late teens or early twenties, after any other adult teeth. Wisdom teeth can be problematic and painful for some people. They can become impacted, causing jaw pain, overcrowding, poor oral hygiene, and misalignment of other teeth.  In such cases, wisdom tooth extraction performed by dental experts can help!  

Everyone has an opinion about wisdom tooth removal. You may have a lot of questions and thoughts running through your head whenever you hear about it. There are many myths surrounding restorative dental services that you might believe. We are debunking some of the most common myths about wisdom teeth extraction here.

Myth 1: Everyone Must Get Their Wisdom Teeth Pulled Out.

Fact: No, not all.

Because wisdom teeth removal is a very common dental procedure, many people believe they must have their wisdom teeth extracted. But, that is false! Not all wisdom teeth cause oral health issues or look like they will cause a problem in the future. Sometimes, wisdom teeth can cause pain or discomfort and lead to overcrowding. Wisdom teeth extraction is only recommended if there is gum swelling, jawbone deterioration, damage to nearby teeth including their shifting, decay of the teeth, and problems such as sinuses. The removal of wisdom teeth is also necessary as a preventive measure even if the symptoms are not present. When the patient’s mouth is too small to accommodate new teeth, they emerge at the wrong angles. A pain-free impacted wisdom tooth must be removed as soon as possible because it can cause cysts and infections or damage the adjacent healthy teeth.

You must visit a dentist to check if your wisdom tooth is causing any harm and then go for the suggested solution.

Myth 2: Wisdom Tooth Removal Is A Lengthy Procedure.

Fact: The fact about wisdom tooth removal may surprise you to learn that wisdom tooth extraction can be performed in less than an hour. The duration of the procedure is determined by the number of wisdom teeth to be extracted, whether they are impacted, or whether the teeth have already started to erupt. 

Myth 3: It Is Painful to Get Your Wisdom Tooth Removed And You’re Awake Throughout The Surgery.

Fact: Most people believe that they will feel pain and discomfort during or after wisdom tooth extraction. But this is not true. The procedure is safe and is typically performed while you are asleep, as the dentist administers general anesthesia to prevent you from feeling any pain. Following the surgery, you can expect to feel some discomfort and soreness at the tooth extraction site. However, during recovery, with the use of prescribed pain relievers, you can manage pain and discomfort. 

Myth 4: You Can Extract Your Problematic Wisdom Tooth At Any Age.

Fact: Wisdom tooth extraction is easily performed whe the patient is younger rather than older. Because young patients have soft jawbones, there is less risk of damage to the jaw and the nerves when the extraction is performed. However, in old age, the wisdom tooth roots are completely formed inside the jawbone which secures it in its place. Thus, the risks may increase.     

Myth 5: Wisdom Tooth Extraction Is Associated With Risks Like Eye Injury.

Fact: Wisdom tooth extraction has no negative impact on vision. It is a surgical treatment that is advised by dentists for an infected or erupting slant wisdom tooth that can potentially damage the surrounding teeth and gums.

Myth 6: Wisdom Tooth Removal Is Always A Major Surgery.

Fact: Every wisdom tooth removal doesn’t have to be invasive. If your wisdom tooth has popped up through your gums, you can be a candidate for non-surgical tooth extraction. In that case, your dentist will simply extract your tooth under local anesthesia. Surgical extraction might be needed for impacted wisdom teeth- however, it is not as major as you may think. You can go home after the surgery on the same day. 

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If you are feeling any soreness or pain in the back of your gums and your jaw, don’t ignore it. Your wisdom tooth can be the culprit, even if you are not able to notice them erupting from beneath the gum line. Get in touch with our wisdom teeth removal experts in Chicago, we are here to get your bothersome wisdom tooth removed and promote your good oral health. If you want to know more about the facts about getting wisdom teeth pulled consult today at TDS!