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Know What are the Benefits of Root Canal & Enhance Your Quality of Life

What are the Benefits of Root Canal

Are you experiencing unbearable tooth pain and soreness? 

There can be many reasons behind but the most common is serious tooth pulp infection or severe decay/damage that leaves the tooth nerves exposed.

Fortunately, root canal therapy is performed by the expert root canal treatment specialists in Chicago at The Dental Specialists (TDS). The pros of root canal treatment are that it can treat severe tooth infection or decay, eliminate consistent pain, and help save your natural teeth and improve your quality of life. What are the benefits of a root canal? Root canal therapy is an endodontic surgery performed to clear or disinfect the root canals starting from the tip of the tooth to its roots and into the pulp chamber, followed by its filling and sealing with gutta-percha to avoid reinfection. At the end of this therapy, the natural tooth is completely restored with a filling or a crown.

Multiple Benefits Offered By Root Canal Treatment

Over the past few years, root canal treatment has been a depreciated staple of any dental practice and has gained a bad reputation among patients. Its name is used to trigger anxiety in patients of any age. These days, there are various advantages of root canal procedure and it has become more comfortable, effective, and safe, thanks to advancements in dental technology. In fact, there are several benefits of having a root canal that you might not know, which is why you might avoid seeking treatment. To help you make the right choice, here are a few root canal therapy pros:

  • Virtually Pain-Free Treatment 

Thanks to the effective use of anesthesia and modern techniques, people prefer root canal therapy over natural tooth extraction as it is virtually painless (depending on the choice of anesthesia) and less uncomfortable during recovery.

  • Prevents the Spread of Infection

If a seriously infected tooth is left untreated for a long time, oral health and general health are at risk. The bacteria in the root canal can gradually spread to the surrounding gums and jawbone and even enter the bloodstream. This could cause further complications like dental abscess when tissues around the tooth become infected and eventually deterioration of bones and gums.

A root canal helps eliminate the bacteria-infected tooth pulp or damaged tooth nerves from the innermost portion of the tooth. Once the bacteria is removed, the canal is cleaned properly and treated with an antiseptic agent. This way the treated tooth as well as the rest of the teeth are protected from being infected by the bacteria. The infection is stopped in its tracks.

  • No More Intense Toothache and Hot/Cold Sensitivity

One of the benefits of doing a root canal is that it removes the main cause of the toothache and sensitivity i.e. the damaged tooth nerves, hence the patients can feel relaxed and return to their daily routine activities without any trouble.

  • Preserves your Natural Tooth and Jawbone

Since a root canal treatment involves removing the infected pulp, filling the canal with special dental cement, and then covering it with a permanent crown, the natural tooth is saved. This is important, as there is no loss of a tooth that leads to a gap between the teeth, which would decay the jawbone.

  • Visually Appealing Smile

After getting a root canal treatment and custom-made permanent crowns, you will have a brand new smile and can laugh out loud again. The dental crowns resemble natural teeth in feel, function, and looks. Their aesthetic appeal boosts self-confidence and self-esteem.   

  • Efficient and Cost-Effective Treatment

Root canal treatment is time efficient and pocket-friendly. The procedure is not tedious and does not need several dental visits or long sessions. Depending on the case complexity, typically a root canal treatment is as quick as 60-90 minutes. Most dental insurance companies cover endodontic procedures. It’s much better than getting a tooth extracted, which needs more follow-up appointments to fill the gap with a denture, implant, or bridge at a high cost.

  • Enhances Overall Health

There is a close link between dental health and general health, which is why dentists recommend regular dental check-ups and proper care and maintenance of natural teeth. So, if you are experiencing unexplained extreme toothache or discomfort of any severity, consult a dentist as soon as possible. A small dental problem can lead to bigger health issues and it’s not worth the risk.

If severe tooth decay is ignored, it can complicate the overall health and cause health risks such as diabetes and heart disease that can even be fatal. Above all signs you need a root canal eliminating this decay from your mouth by root canal is the best thing to do to achieve general well-being.   

At The Dental Specialists (TDS), one of the best root canal clinics in Chicago our goal is to help you maintain the best possible oral health. Extensive tooth decay and infection can put your teeth at risk, and if left untreated it can threaten the life of a tooth. Call us today for a consultation to avail the benefits of a root canal!