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Experiencing Severe Dental Pain or Discomfort?

Dental emergencies are not to be taken lightly. Get treatment for any type of dental emergency with our emergency dental experts.

Emergency Dental Care In Chicago

Dental concerns can show up at any time. Most people ignore them because of their fear of the dentist and dental treatments. However, they don’t realise that if dental issues are left untreated they have the potential to turn into serious oral problems over time, resulting in an increased risk of permanent damages and the need for extensive and expensive dental treatments. This is why it’s crucial for any patient experiencing a dental problem or oral injury to identify accurately what constitutes a dental emergency and what may be covered in a dental plan.

Dental emergencies are situations that affect oral health and require immediate medical assistance (diagnosis, treatment, and prevention) from an experienced and trained dental professional. With quick, instant response and the right first-aid treatment, long-term damage can be prevented and good oral health can be restored.

At TDS The Dental Specialists, emergency dental treatments are performed by a team of dental experts and offer effective modern emergency services to manage dental emergency problems.


  • Oral injuries caused by riding bikes, playing sports, work-related accidents, car accidents, and even rough play in and around the home.
  • Chipping of a tooth while drinking from glass bottles.
  • Tooth cracking or breaking because of biting down on a very hard/crunchy item.
  • An infection (build-up of bacteria inside the mouth) which when ignored can lead to a dental abscess.

Common Dental Emergencies

Excruciating Toothache- Severe, prolonged tooth pain which is associated with swelling or bleeding around the tooth; causing pain in the jaw, ear, or cheek; and resulting in fever (in some cases) requiring urgent attention by a dentist. Before seeing the dentist, the patient must first thoroughly rinse the mouth with warm water, do dental flossing, apply cold compresses to reduce mouth swelling, and avoid the painkillers like aspirin being put against the gums or aching tooth as it may burn it.      

Broken or Chipped Tooth- The natural tooth can be saved by visiting the dentist immediately with any broken pieces of the tooth. In this case, the patient must first rinse their mouth with warm water and keep rinsed broken tooth pieces safe. To stop bleeding, gauze may be used, and swelling or any other discomfort can be relieved by using cold compresses.

Lost Dental Restoration-  A lost filling or dental crown can result in pain and embarrass the patient with a gap in their smile. The sooner it’s repaired and placed, it prevents further damage or reinfection, not to mention people look and feel better. While waiting for emergency dental care, a temporary fix can be done.

Partially or Fully Knocked-out Tooth- The dentist at TDS The Dental Specialists can help save it and put it in place ideally within an hour. Till then the tooth is expected to be picked up by the crown, rinsed, and preserved in milk or water with a small pinch of salt.

Dental Abscess- The gums have a painful, pimple-like swollen spot. If not treated immediately, the infection can spread to surrounding teeth and gums as well as other body parts.

Broken Orthodontic Appliances- Metallic braces can break or the wires can stick out and poke the gums and cheeks. This must be fixed soon otherwise it can cause discomfort and reverse the progress of teeth alignment.

Excessive Ongoing Gum Bleeding and Severe Pain After Tooth Extraction- Consult the dentist immediately if the post-operative pain and bleeding are persistent.

Soft Tissue Injuries- This includes injuries that cause swelling or bleeding of the gums, cheeks, tongue, and lips.

Objects Stuck in the Mouth- When they can’t be gently and carefully removed by flossing, see the dentist.

Emergency Dental Procedure

Medication- This includes prescribed antibiotics to treat the infected tooth-a source of tooth pain. In severe cases of a dental abscess, intravenous antibiotics are given and the surgeon cuts open the swollen gums to drain the pus, thereby relieving pressure and alleviating pain.

Tooth extraction- The severely damaged/decayed tooth which cannot be restored is removed and replaced by a dental implant, bridge, or dentures.

Dental bonding- Temporary or permanent bonding can be done to overcome problems like chipped or cracked teeth.

Effective Ways To Avoid Dental Emergencies

It is always recommended to see dentists for X-rays to evaluate the teeth’ health on a regular basis and catch the dental issues before they reach the emergency stage. Some trauma is unavoidable, but injuries from contact sports can be avoided by wearing mouth guards and people must watch what and how they eat. They must not chew anything hard like pen caps or bite on nails.

The sudden onset of extreme pain to your teeth or gums, without any physical trauma or accident or occurring, is usually a sign of a dental emergency. Many people ignore this pain and ache that come from their mouths.

Unfortunately, this pain doesn’t subside and ends up doing much more damage to the gums and teeth. Contact the dental emergency dentist at TDS The Dental Specialists to improve your dental health and to get back improved oral health.