We Offer Multiple Non-surgical Treatments to Transform Your Smile

Make dental treatment comfortable with non-surgical treatments that use lasers, dental trays, and non-surgical approaches to transform your oral health.

Non-surgical Dental Treatments in Chicago

Non-surgical dentistry refers to professional dental procedures performed without going under the knife. There are several ways that a dentist can carry out a particular non-surgical procedure, with or without sedation. Many of them are performed at The Dental Specialists, a fantastic non-surgical dental clinic in Illinois. They improve the appearance and function of the teeth and other mouth structures. These non-invasive procedures are safe, effective, and quick-acting to achieve a stunning smile. However, they do have some limitations and require ongoing maintenance sessions to sustain health. When non-surgical treatments do not help in providing optimal oral health, surgery may be the last resort. Talk to our dentist in Chicago at TDS regarding non-surgical dental treatment options that may work best for you.

Professional Dental Procedures That Don’t Require Surgery:

Periodontal Treatments

Periodontitis (or gum disease) is a serious progressive dental concern that causes damage to the gums and bone, eventually leading to tooth loss. Gum disease treatment stresses the least invasive and most cost-effective methods to achieve optimal periodontal health. This is often accomplished through a non-surgical approach including procedures such as:

Scaling and Root Planing– In these procedures, deep cleaning is performed both above (along the tooth foundation) and below the gum line i.e. of the tooth-root surfaces using a handheld scaler. These help eliminate gum disease by removing the accessible plaque or tartar build-up (calculus), bacterial toxins, and etiological agents that cause inflammation of gum tissues and surrounding bone from the periodontal pockets. After the the teeth are cleaned, the gums are stimulated to reattach to the teeth. Root planing is done to smoothen the roots in order to prevent future bacterial toxins or more bacteria (as plaque) from adhering. The two procedures may be performed under local anesthesia. They are known to prevent internal diseases, reduce gum swelling and bleeding, provide better breath, and even make teeth stains appear lighter in shade.

Laser treatment– Periodontal disease can be treated by using some lasers set at an appropriate power level and wavelength. These lasers work by removing the inflamed gum tissues around the tooth’s root and plaque or tartar built up around and below the gumline. This promotes healthy tissue regeneration.

Medications– Prescription antimicrobial rinses or topical antibiotics can be used to disinfect relatively inaccessible places of the mouth where cleaning is not possible by handheld instruments. Custom-fit trays can be used to deliver prescribed medications.

Non Surgical Treatments

Regular Dental Cleaning and In-chair Teeth Bleaching

Our dentists recommend every patient get professional teeth and gum cleanings twice a year to get rid of existing plaque and tartar build-up using special dental instruments. This may even be done in the initial stages of gum infection to keep periodontal disease under control.

Teeth Bleaching Icon

Teeth Bleaching

Teeth bleaching is a common way to restore the natural white shade or make the smile brighter beyond using teeth whitening products. In professional teeth whitening, the gums are first covered and then the bleaching agent (i.e. hydrogen peroxide) is carefully painted onto the surfaces of the teeth. A special light source is used to cure the bleaching compound, thus removing teeth stains.

Root Canal Icon

Root Canal Therapy

It involves the complete removal of the infected/damaged tooth pulp using special filing instruments and then filling and sealing the root canal to ensure there is no infection.

Tooth Countouring

Tooth Contouring/Shaping

For people with cracked, crooked, chipped, or overlapping teeth that affect the bite and cause loose teeth, toothache, painful chewing, and other issues, tooth reshaping can be done to help improve either function or appearance of teeth. This involves the removal of fine layers of the tooth’s enamel. For the bite to appear more natural and to alleviate pain, dental carbon paper may be used to measure the patient bite pattern to make the appropriate changes as needed.

Want to make your smile more aesthetically appealing? Schedule an appointment with us to reap the benefits of non-surgical dental treatment in Chicago.

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