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Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Chicago

Wisdom teeth are the third molars and last to grow in at the four back corners of the mouth. Usually, they show up in the late teenage years or the early twenties. However, there are instances of them popping up later – sometimes in late adulthood. Individuals may lack all four wisdom teeth or have one, multiple, or all four of them. They become problematic if they remain completely under the soft tissues and partially break through the gums (i.e. get impacted) or get misaligned. In that case, they need to be extracted. You can visit TDS if one is impacted or want painless wisdom tooth extraction and want to get back to oral health.

Causes / Indications

The extraction of impacted/crowded wisdom teeth becomes necessary to avoid other possible dental issues. It is always recommended to get extraction performed at an early stage as with age the jawbones tend to become harder, thereby making it difficult for wisdom tooth extraction. The signs of problematic wisdom tooth include:

  • Redness, inflammation, and tenderness of the area near the wisdom tooth because of infection caused by the entry of bacteria in the impacted or crowded wisdom tooth
  • Jaw stiffness and pain
  • Pain in the wisdom tooth that worsens over time
  • Foul-smelling breath and bad taste
  • Heavy bleeding and minor loss of jaw movement (in extreme cases)

The extraction of the wisdom tooth may/must be done in case of any below-mentioned dental issues:

Crowding: If the wisdom tooth emerges at the wrong angle (i.e. gets misaligned) to accommodate itself in the provided space and it impinges on the adjacent teeth. This may make it more difficult to clean the teeth and further cause interdental decay.

Sinus Problem: Misaligned wisdom teeth can be one of the reasons for underlying sinus congestion and pain.

Damaged Jaw: Wisdom teeth can cause damage to the teeth nerves and lead to hollowing of the jaw.

Gum Issue: When there is an existing gum problem, it becomes difficult to brush and floss the wisdom teeth, hence resulting in swelling of the tissues.

Spaces in the Gums: Swelling of gums can result in the formation of pockets that invite bacteria in large numbers, leading to progressive decay of the wisdom tooth.

Wisdom 1


  • Do not eat or drink after midnight (i.e. a few hours before the oral surgery).
  • Discontinue or avoid intake of any over-the-counter or prescribed medications that can interfere with the healing.
  • Avoid smoking for at least 12 hours beforehand.
  • Avoid recreational drugs and alcohol consumption.
  • Arrive at the dental clinic in comfortable clothing without any jewellery, make-up, and hair neatly tied.
  • Get your home ready for recovery!

The Procedure of Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Before the wisdom teeth extraction, the area is numbed with local anesthesia. A fully grown wisdom tooth can be taken all at once, while a partially erupted tooth would require a gum incision to extract the tooth in sections from the jawbone. The longevity of the procedure varies among the patients depending upon the level of complexity of their case.


The patient can expect to completely recover within 3-4 days of the wisdom tooth extraction. In complex cases, there may be delayed recovery which can last up to 2 weeks or more.

Wisdom 2

Post-Op Instructions/ Post-Treatment Care

  • Apply an icepack after every few minutes for the first 24 hours to prevent swelling and changes in the skin colour.
  • Do not vigorously rinse or touch the tooth extraction site for 24 hours.
  • Avoid spitting and drinking hot or fizzy drinks.
  • Do not consume alcohol and avoid smoking.
  • Do simple jaw exercises i.e. slowly opening and closing the mouth.
  • Remain on a soft or liquid diet for a few days and avoid chewing over the extracted area. Do not use straw as it can dislodge the blood clot from the healed extraction site.
  • Avoid brushing until the dentist advises you to resume it.
  • Keep the mouth hydrated by sipping some water after every 10-15 minutes.
  • Stick to the prescribed medications to reduce discomfort.
  • If there is persistent or excessive bleeding, immediately visit the dentist.

Impacted wisdom teeth can cause serious problems. The dental surgeons at The Dental Specialists use the latest dental technology to diagnose problems and extract impacted wisdom teeth without damaging your other teeth. Once your wisdom teeth are removed you should see an immediate improvement in your overall dental health. To find out more about the surgical tooth extraction procedure, schedule a consultation today!