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At TDS The Dental Specialist, patients are most welcome to enjoy all aspects of dentistry including general, cosmetic, orthodontics, tooth extractions, dental implants, emergency dental services, and other advanced dental procedures all under one roof. Although, all our dental team members are trained in different specialties they all have a common aim of providing the best dental care that tailors to the unique needs of every patient so that optimal dental health can be achieved and maintained. Their ultimate goal is to maintain a healthy mouth, teeth, and gums which is linked to better general health.   

We Offer the Following Dental Specialties


Have you been suffering from gum-related issues? Our periodontists in Chicago at TDS The Dental Specialist are specialists in the prevention and care of gum problems (gingivitis and periodontitis) and treatment of oral inflammation. They also have special training in the placement, maintenance, and repair of dental implants. Some of the dental services that come under this dentistry include professional dental cleaning (to remove dental plaque and tartar), pocket reduction surgery (smoothening of irregular surfaces around the gumline where bacterial colonization can take place), scaling and root planing (deep cleaning of the gums and teeth), and soft tissue graft (to treat receding gums).


Is one of your teeth cracked/chipped/fractured or missing? Our experienced prosthodontists at TDS The Dental Specialist can help replace or restore lost or broken teeth. They offer dental veneers, dental crowns, dental bridgework, dentures (including complete dentures, removable partial dentures), maxillofacial prosthesis, and implant prosthesis. Using dental prostheses, the dental professionals at TDS The Dental Specialist understand the smile dynamics and are trained to create tooth replacements to deal with the oral function, looks, comfort, and oral health of patients with deficient or missing teeth. In addition, our specialists also work for jaw-joint issues, post-oral cancer reconstruction, snoring and sleep disorders, and traumatic mouth injuries.


Are you in need of a root canal? Our highly trained root canal specialists or endodontists in Chicago are there to prevent and treat infections or injuries of the tooth pulp (i.e. innermost portion of the tooth composed of tooth nerves and living connective tissues). These include painful conditions like pulpitis, pulp exposure, or pulp stones that can lead to tooth abscesses (if left untreated). The most common way to treat a damaged or diseased tooth pulp is root canal therapy. It is done to remove the entire damaged tooth pulp and protect it from future infections, thereby saving the natural tooth.

Oral Surgery

Do you have a defect or injury in the soft and hard tissues of the mouth? Our oral dental surgeons at TDS The Dental Specialist are highly-skilled and trained dentists who provide their patients with comfortable, quality care throughout their oral surgery. They perform different surgical procedures that can improve the function and appearance of the patient’s smiles. Oral surgeries provided in our office include tooth extractions (for severely decayed/damaged tooth that cannot be saved by root canal therapy), impacted wisdom tooth removal, bone grafting (to increase bone density for successful dental implant surgery), and jawline surgery (to fit dentures and correct uneven jaw growth).

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