State-of-the-Art Oral Surgery Including Root Canals and Wisdom Teeth Removal

The Spirit to care at the Dental Specialists.

From the first visit to the last your experience with the Dental Specialists will be pleasant and rewarding.

Our Advantage

The Dental Specialists (TDS) are a team of world-renowned, highly-trained Dentists specializing in Prosthodontics, Periodontics, Oral Surgery, and Endodontics.

Our team of extraordinary surgeons is committed to providing our patients with a superior level of implant dentistry and cosmetic dentistry in one convenient location.

State of The Art Equipment

TDS takes great pride in utilizing advanced equipment, as well as the finest cutting-edge technology available. We spare no expense and take no shortcuts when it comes to the comfort, health, and well-being of our patients.

A sampling of our superior equipment resources include computer imaging, 3D CAT scan, digital x-rays, laser, t-scan, intraoral cameras, endodontic technology, and painless anesthetic, just to name a few.

Our revolutionary techniques allow us to formulate customized treatment plans for each of our patients

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Experienced Team of Specialists

Our team’s combined expertise, along with decades of advanced training, sets the stage for a uniquely superior level of care. Our specialists are revered educators in the field of Dentistry, teaching innovative dental procedures and techniques to fellow colleagues at universities and hospitals. Our team is also renowned for conducting revolutionary research studies and authoring groundbreaking books and articles that are helping the progression and advancement of composite dentistry.

Our esteemed teams of specialists are the educators who help other dentists fine-tune their craft.

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Personalized Care

Our specialists consult and interact with our patients to provide a broad and diverse approach to patient care that is essentially unheard of in other practices.

Our friendly and supportive staff will assist you in understanding all of your treatment needs and options. Our goal is to create a unique comfort zone designed specifically for you.

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Four Convenient Locations

TDS has four convenient Chicagoland locations: Hyde Park, Westmont, Homewood, Hoffman Estates.

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